Our Mission shall be accomplished through:

  1. Mentoring laboratory staff embedded in National and Provincial laboratories that will enable improved patient care and enable reporting of actionable laboratory information to clinicians and to public health officials. The training program includes providing mentorship, workshops and written materials to serve as training tools and laboratory work aids.
  2. Providing experienced laboratory scientist volunteers to work with laboratory staff on completion of workshops mentoring local workers develop expertise and confidence in laboratory practices.
  3. Assisting local agencies to determine appropriate materials, supplies, and equipment necessary for reliable laboratory testing, and when requested, to aid in production, procurement and utilization of those materials.
  4. Providing training and consultation to Cambodian physicians and nurses in Cambodian Hospitals to strengthen clinical practices for the diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases.
  5. Supporting development of capabilities within Cambodian government institutions responsible for assuring continuation of clinical laboratory and diagnostic practices that will enable Cambodia to meet its national and international responsibilities.