Sarin Eng

Sarin Eng works for the US Centers for Disease Control/Global AIDS Program Cambodia. Eng was trained as a medical technologist by Medecins Sans Frontieres in one of the border camps after the Pol Pot era. In fact, most of the best med techs in Cambodia were trained in those camps….

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Maline Tuon

Ms. Maline Tuon is among the many people have contributed to helping DMDP in Cambodia.  Maline Tuon is Assistant/ Emerging Diseases Surveillance Response Programme at the WHO/Cambodia.   Maline has been in that position since July 2006 and assists the team with logistics, finance, HR and compiling and submitting reports to…

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Connecting II

Yesterday morning, Mr. Pros picked me up in his taxi at 5:45, we drove over to pick up Sophie Goyet, a midwife, MPH study coordinator for the REDI study in the Kampong Cham Provincial Hospital and we made the 2 1/2 drive out over the Churoy Changva bridge crossing the…

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