New DMDP Website

Please take a look at the new DMDP website, When DMDP was just getting off the ground, Andy Patrick at liveBooks generously contributed a professional website with VIP status for the development of the site and hosting for five years. Thank you, Andy. Do check out the liveBooks websites…

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Two expert microbiologists training laboratory staff in Cambodian hospital microbiology laboratories

Although it has been over one year since the last post, DMDP has been very active in Cambodia.  Presently two expert microbiologists are providing training to laboratory staff in Cambodian hospitals.  Janet Maleski, from California, has been doing a great job training in the Takeo Provincial Hospital.  Merlyn Cruz has…

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Ph. Nhim Dararith

DMDP has hired Nhim Dararith to work as a Laboratory Quality Management Systems mentor to work in the laboratory at the Takeo Provincial Hospital, with the agreement of Dr. Khiev Samos, the Director of the Takeo Provincial Hospital.   Dararith has a degree from the University of Health Sciences School of…

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