Ma Makara

We were saddened this last week by the death of Ma Makara.  Makara died after months of suffering with cancer, she was only 48 years old.   Makara was a good microbiologist who graduated in Medical Technology from the Technical School for Medical Care in 1993.  She had been working in the laboratory in the National Pediatric Hospital for over twenty years and she especially enjoyed doing microbiology. She is survived by her parents and siblings and her two children, a 17 year old son and a 14 year old daughter.  Makara’s friendly personality meant she had many friends and she will be surely missed.

Jo Letchford, DMDP Chief Scientific Officer, and I bought a floral wreath and took it to Makara’s parents home to pay our respects at the traditional Buddhist grieving ceremony, Pithy Bon Sop, in the early morning after her death.