Fourth Bimontly meeting of Microbiology Laboratory Staff

The fourth bimonthly meeting of laboratory staff from the Cambodian Provincial Hospitals supported by DMDP took place at the National Pediatric Hospital in Phnom Penh last Friday, July 18.  The meeting was organized by Joanne Letchford, DMDP Chief Scientific Officer and facilitated by Ph. Uch Monipheap from the Bureau of Medical Laboratory Sciences of the Ministry of Health.  The primary theme of this particular meeting was the updates to the antibiotic susceptibility testing guidelines.  The guidelines had been throughly reviewed by Joanne Letchford and DMDP Expert Microbiologists Janet Maleski and Angelo Caon in response to the changes in the Clinical Laboratory Standards Institute updates.   Small groups worked on exercises designed to use and reinforce the new information presented by Joanne Letchford.