Stanford University Hospital Media Making Lab

Ranjit Gill filling tubes with broth while Jagdeep Bahia adds colymycin agar to Petri plates.

I was fortunate to spend an afternoon learning from Ranjit Gill and Jagdeep Bahia in the media making lab at the Stanford Hospital labs.  Many diagnostic laboratories in the US now purchase all of their media from commercial sources.  This Stanford lab still produces a great deal of their own specialty media and I learned much which I will be able to take back to the media making lab DMDP is developing in collaboration with the University of Health Sciences in Phnom Penh.  Jagdeep Bahia works full-time in the media making laboratory producing large quantities of broth and agar plates on a daily basis.  Ranjit Gill normally works in the section of the lab which performs the quality control of the media produced.