Kampong Cham Provincial Hospital Bacteriology Lab

Ph. Nhem Somary is the director of the Kampong Cham Laboratory.  Somary is seen here standing in front of the laboratory building under construction with the support of MSF France, which has a large TB treatment program at the KC Provincial Hospital.  MSF also operates the diagnostic TB laboratory in the hospital and the ground floor of the new building is mainly devoted to TB diagnosis and drug susceptibility testing.  Although the new bacteriology lab portion of the building is smaller than Somary’s present lab, an advantage is that MSF will install a large generator to which the bacteriology lab, also on the ground floor, will also be connected.  An erratic power supply is an ongoing problem in the lab at this time.  The ground floor of the new building will be ready for occupancy at the beginning of October.  Read about the TB work of MSF in the KC Provincial Hospital at  http://www.doctorswithoutborders.org/news/article.cfm?id=5112&cat=field-news