Takeo Provincial Hospital Microbiology Lab

Thursday, April 26, 2012 was, in fact, an historic day in the Takeo PH Microbiology Lab for several reasons.  Since beginning to accept specimens in March of 2011, the lab has received 1000 specimens, a real milestone.  In recognition of that milestone, the Director and Deputy Directors of the hospital hosted a dinner at a local restaurant.  At the dinner, Dr. Khiev Samros, the hospital director, said that the Takeo Microbiology Laboratory is envied by other provincial hospitals and he acknowledged the support of the many people who have contributed to bringing the lab to its present level.

The volume of specimens received in the microbiology lab is due to several factors.  For one, it reflects the trust that the physicians in the hospital place on the laboratory results and they recognize the contribution of those results to individual patient treatment.  The quantity of specimens received is also due, without doubt, to the excellent relationships developed between the hospital clinicians and laboratory staff, including the laboratory chief, Ph. Seang Sosorphea, and Ph. Nhim Dararith, who is doing an internship in microbiology, supported by the Merieux Foundation

Finally, and very importantly, the lab is supported by Dr. Khiev Samros, the hospital director, and Dr. Te Vantha, Deputy Hospital Director and Chief of Pediatrics, and Dr. Mam Mony, Deputy Hospital Director. The support of the hospital administration is essential to the development of the laboratory.
L-R: Dr. Mam Mony, Dr. Khiev Samros, Angelo Caon, Jim McLaughlin, Dr. Te Vantha