Takeo Provincial Hospital

Ph. Nhim Dararith, Angelo Caon, Seang Sosorphea, Charee Overtoom, Dr. Rob Overtoom

I visited the Takeo Provincial Hospital last week to meet Angelo Caon and to talk to him about support for the lab from DMDP. One of my objectives was to also introduce him to other ex-pats in Takeo. I have wanted to meet Dr. Rob Overtoom for some time and I knew he would be interested to know about the microbiology lab at the hospital. Dr. Overtoom has been working in Cambodia for many years. He worked also in the border camps, those refugee camps inside Thailand housing refugees from the fighting in Cambodia. It was there that he first diagnosed, with culture confirmation, cases of melioidosis. He made the first published report of pulmonary melioidosis in Cambodia. Charee, Dr. Rob’s wife, has worked at the Takeo Provincial Hospital on a pneumonia project with the Pasteur Institute.

Ph. Nhim Dararith explaining the blood culture media being produced at the School of Pharmacy to Dr. Mam Mony ( in white coat ), a Deputy Director of the Takeo Hospital

During my visit, Dr. Mam Mony came to introduce himself. I told him that the layout of the microbiology lab was quite good and told him that we’ve appreciated the support of the hospital in the construction of the space for this lab.

Ph. Nhim Dararith will be learning diagnostic microbiology from Angelo over the next 15 months. At the same time, Dararith will be taking a medical biology course in Phnom Penh at the University of Health Sciences.