Blood culture media IV

Vladimir Buron instructing Ms. Sreng Navin and Nhim Dararith on how to properly dissolve the Brain Heart Infusion broth powder
Vladimir Buron and I arrived early this morning at the School of Pharmacy to prepare 200 bottles of blood culture media. The last time we had prepared blood culture bottles, we used an ancient heating block and it took a very long time to dissolve the brain heart infusion powder. So before I left Battambang, I bought an induction cooker, something like the one Vladimir was using in the lab in Battambang. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Dr. Monidarin had already purchased a table top stove and that he had arranged for Navin to make 100 bottles of blood culture media on Saturday. He is a very proactive person. Unfortunately, shortly after putting the 100 bottles into the electric autoclave, the power went off. The temperature had only reached 70 degrees so perhaps the media was not adversely affected. Vladimir will, of course, do the QC of the media to be sure that it will grow fastidious organisms like Strep. pneumoniae.