Vladimir “Buds” Buron

Vladimir Buron and Jim McLaughlin outside internet shop on Moniving Blvd.

Vladimir “Buds” Buron has agreed to work in the Battambang Microbiology Lab beginning on March 1.  He has been working in the NAMRU lab as the chief of bacteriology for the last five years.  He developed that lab from scratch and has trained 15 young Cambodian lab techs in bacteriology.  Vladimir is interested in a new venture at this time and is very confident that the staff he has trained is ready to take over. Vladimir is leaving NAMRU with the full and gracious support of his boss, Dr. Chadwick Yasuda, as long as Vladimir sees this work in Battambang as advancing his career.

Vladimir will be working with some of the staff Sivly trained in the Battambang lab even before the equipment and supplies arrived in that lab.  Now that lab is fully equipped and the supplies are in the lab and the staff is anxious to begin.  Vladimir will work with the staff to introduce bacterial cultures and antibiotic sensitivity testing and reporting for that hospital.