Takeo Microbiology Laboratory Staff

Ph. Seang Sosorphea, Ph. Nhim Dararith, Nop Sokha, Men Sokhan
Seang Sosorphea is a new graduate of the School of Pharmacy (SOP) who has been appointed to become the chief of the laboratory at the Takeo Hospital. Ph. Nhim Dararith is a young graduate of the SOP who is now taking the three year course in laboratory medicine, taught in French, that is sponsored by the Fondation Merieux. When he finishes the course, he will be considered a Biologist, according to the French system. During his three years of training, Dararith will study at the SOP for two weeks each month and work in the Takeo Hospital laboratory for two weeks. Nop Sokha and Men Sokhan are both lab techs who have received several months training in bacteriology at the Institut Pasteur Cambodge in Phnom Penh.
This is the group which will be working with Angelo Caon, a senior Australian microbiologist, who is coming as a VIDA volunteer.