Microbiology Lab in the Battambang Provincial Hospital

Chiek Sivhour and Chhoeun Sophal

Roberta and I took a boat from Siem Reap to Battambang yesterday afternoon. This was advertised to be a six hour trip which might have been interesting, but it dragged on to nine very long hours because the water in the river was low. Lesson learned – take the three hour bus trip between these two cities.
The microbiology lab in Battambang looks great. All equipment and supplies have arrived. The staff in the lab are anxious to get started offering cultures and Dr. Kak Seila, the director of the hospital wants to see the lab operating as soon as possible. The only piece of equipment the lab doesn’t have is a good balance to weigh out powder to make media. The TB lab has two balances and I’ll have to ask Dr. Pheng Sokheng, the director of the national TB labs if we can borrow one. We cleaned out the refrigerator of moldy agar plates. I was rather stern with some of the staff because they hadn’t been recording the refrigerator temperature for all of January to date and the reason was that only Mr. Or Sothany gives them the chart and he has been very busy. Aaagh.