Mekong Sante II

Today was the last day of Mekong Sante and I wanted to hear a presentation, “Surgical infections due to Gram negative bacteria with extended spectrum beta-lactamases”, from the surgical and microbiology departments at the Sihanouk Hospital Center of Hope. Alas for me, I had to sit through about three hours…

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Mekong Sante presentation

Joanne Letchford, the VIDA volunteer microbiologist, who has been working with Ph. Nhem Somary in the Kampong Cham microbiology lab, gave a great presentation this morning on their observations over the last two years.  They have raised physician expectations for how a clinical microbiology lab in a 250 bed hospital…

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Blood culture media

The isolation and identification of pathogenic bacteria from blood is one of the most important services a microbiology laboratory can perform. Commercial broth bottles for blood culture cost between $6 and $10 each here in Cambodia. That cost is simply not affordable in any resource poor country unless the laboratory…

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