Soem Nang receives a certificate of training from NAMRU2

Soem Nang

Soem Nang receiving a Certificate of Training from Dr. Michael Prouty at NAMRU2 in Phnom Penh.  LCDR Prouty is the Head of Laboratory Science at NAMRU2.  Soem Nang is one of two DMDP interns in diagnostic microbiology who received four months of training in the bacteriology laboratory at NAMRU2.  Soem Nang and Em Rattanak will now move to the National Pediatric Hospital (NPH) and receive further training from Merlyn Cruz and the staff in the laboratory at the NPH.  The NAMRU2 leadership has made a serious commitment to national laboratory capacity building over the last two years.  DMDP is grateful for the training provided to these two DMDP interns.