Ph. Nhim Dararith

DMDP has hired Nhim Dararith to work as a Laboratory Quality Management Systems mentor to work in the laboratory at the Takeo Provincial Hospital, with the agreement of Dr. Khiev Samos, the Director of the Takeo Provincial Hospital.   Dararith has a degree from the University of Health Sciences School of Pharmacy.  In addition, he has completed the three year course in Medical Biology and received a Diploma in Special Studies.  Although his focus will be in the diagnostic microbiology laboratory, he will also assist Ph. Seang Sorsophea, the laboratory chief in other areas of the laboratory.  The Ph. designates Nhim Dararith and Seang Sorsophea as pharmacists, graduates of the School of Pharmacy.  Dararith received some training in diagnostic microbiology from Angelo Caon who served in the Takeo hospital microbiology laboratory for 18 months.  Dararith will be expected to train other staff in microbiology and laboratory quality assurance.  In the photo below, I am welcoming Dararith to DMDP just after he signed his employment agreement.Image