Robyn Devenish, Medical Laboratory Scientist

Robyn Devenish

We are fortunate that in addition to all the laboratory consulting and teaching that she does, Robyn Devenish is the in-country coordinator for DMDP.  Ms. Devenish is a Medical Laboratory Scientist from Australia who has been working in Cambodia for over ten years.  She originally went to Cambodia to develop the medical laboratory in the Angkor Hospital for Children in Siem Reap.  After three years, she was hired by the US Centers for Disease Control/ Global AIDS Program Cambodia as the liaison with the National Institute of Public Health laboratory which gave her the platform to have an impact on laboratories throughout Cambodia.  While at the NIPH, Robyn raised the capacity of the staff in hematology, biochemistry and serology and the quality and reliability of testing done there.  She lectures regularly to laboratory staff and physicians.  Robyn has many laboratory skills but clinical hematology is her passion. She has contributed significantly to Cambodian physicians understanding and diagnosis of hematological disorders.

Robyn recently received a gold medal from the King of Cambodia for her years of dedicated service to improving the laboratory services at the National Pediatric Hospital in Phnom Penh.

Robyn now serves as a laboratory consultant for WHO, the University Research Co. (URC) and a number of other NGOs in Cambodia.  She works closely with the Bureau of Medical Laboratory Services of the Ministry of Health.     She has successfully recruited a number of Volunteering for International Development from Australia (VIDA) volunteers to work long term providing training in Cambodian hospital laboratories. Joanne Letchford is a VIDA volunteer who has been doing a great job in the Kampong Cham microbiology lab for over one year now. Angelo Caon is another VIDA volunteer who is arriving this month to work in the Takeo microbiology lab. See the VIDA website at